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Nasai Marine has been involved in several different aspects of the marine industry. We know that the way workboats are used will be different in every case, so we customized to the specific needs for a particular operation, developing customized designs for an extensive variety of applications.

Nasai Crew Boat

Crew Boats + supply

Nasai Crew Boat

Main characteristics:

Length    13,90 m
Beam    4,50 m
Draft    2,10 m
Power range     2 x 400 HP
Fuel capacity     2800 L
Crew     2 Passengers 20 Interior + 4 exterior     

Nasai Mooring Boat

NASAI Mooring Boats

Main characteristics:

Length     9,00 m
Beam      3,258 m
Deph      1,36 m
Engine power     220 HP

The smallest model of our polymer work boats. Through an EPS filled double bottom hull and the main hull pipes, the boat becomes totally buoyant in any tough conditions, and assures the safety of the crew. NASAI marine services 

Draw Nasai MARPOL


Main characteristics:

Length     27,84 m
Beam    8,40 m
Depth   4,50 m
Crew    6 people
Speed    12 knots

Recovery of ships sludges and dirty oils according to the MARPOL agreement 

Draw Nasai Tug

NASAI Tug Boats

NASAI Tug Boat 20
Main characteristics:

Length    20 mts
Beam     7.60 m
Depth     3,.50 m
Engine Power    2 x 1200 hp
Crew   4 people

Diving and Supply Service Boats

Support boats 12 M
Diving and Supply Service Boat
Support boat
NASAI Service Boats

Nasai Catamaran

Catamaran drawings
Nasai Catamaran on the sea
Nasai Catamaran draw
Nasai Catamaran on the sea
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