Nasai Pilot P-17 navegando en puerto

Pilot P-17

High-performance pilot boat, wide and comfortable, suitable as well for offshore crew transportation.
The bridge is provided with wide corridor for the safety of the crew, and accommodates up to 12 passengers with ease + 2 crew members. Includes spacious cabin, kitchen, toilet and comfortable service area.

We would like to highlight the innovative "air bridge" system (floating bridge) that reduces noise and vibration; We have this model with propellers, waterjets, and IPS system.


Designed for the most demanding customers: to professionals who sail on extreme sea conditions and to those pilots who want to enjoy the pleasure of driving state of the art boat with maximum power and robustness.
All A SERIES models incorporate standard features of the B SERIES, and added extra structural reinforcement and the most advanced features and technologies, boosting performance and improving work conditions.


Professional pilot boats, equipped with everything you need for complete safety and excellent seakeeping and maneuvering.


Vista casco Nasai Pilot P-17
Vista interior del barco
Vista del inerior barco Pilot-17
Plano Barco pilot p-17
Diseño del casco P-17

HULL DESIGN for excellent sailing

We have analyzed all pilot boats operations to the last detail, based on the most demanding scenarios, and as a result we present an exceptional Hull design which provides the highest performance when going alongside the ship, shipping, seakeeping in vary sea conditions and agile maneuverability.

Boarding & Pilot Safety:

• Foot contact rubber band, allowing the pilot to feel the limit of the deck without looking.
• The profile of the hull has a fall outwards which ensures separation of other vessels when going alongside the ship and provides safety in case of man overboard.

Barco Nasai Pilot-17 navegando

Navigability and safety:

• We have minimized drag achieving maximum efficiency in a Velocity - Power.
• The center of gravity is lower providing excellent stability.

In all our upper range boats we have added advances that benefit both security and better working conditions:
• Mounted floating bridge on silentblocks providing further isolation of noise and vibration
•Excellent 360˚ view from wheelhouse, including NASAI feature of absence of separations on the front panel.
•Engine room security camera displayed on deck.
•Ergonomic panel with lights anti eyestrain.

Nasai Pilot P-17 boat in action
Video Pilot P-17 in action
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